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Counterpoint provides an end-to-end radio network solution. We create and customize complete traffic systems for satellite radio networks, radio station and station groups.
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Why Counterpoint
Since 1994, we have designed our products with scalability and customization in mind to provide you the foundation for network operations.
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Why Counterpoint

Counterpoint was designed with scalability and customization in mind. Our products can be leased separately based on your needs or cost-effectively bundled together to seamlessly link all aspects of your broadcast business. From entering sales proposals to retrieving affiliate affidavits and securing accuracy at both the network and affiliate end; Counterpoint can reduce turnaround time and redundant work in all aspects of your business. In addition to the products we provide, Counterpoint offers a world class team of experienced Customer Support Specialists and product training via phone, web, or on-site at your location.

Through our products and our interfaces with other broadcast vendors, we have automated virtually every aspect of the broadcast business. Counterpoint offers the following features and customization options that can easily be adapted to your organization's unique sales models and operational procedures.

  • No limit on number of users
  • No limit on number of networks, stations, spots, orders, or any other system data
  • Users can be local or remote, from one user to several hundred users spread across the country
  • High speed user access to data
  • Over 600 formatted and customizable reports
  • Each network (or station) can be sold as a single entity or bundled with other properties to create a complete package buy
  • Proposals can be created based on "what if" scenarios to meet agency CPP goals, GRP levels, etc.
  • Spot prices can be automatically allocated to programs and dayparts based on audience or type of buy
  • News, Talk, Agriculture, Sports, Music, 24 hour formats and other types of Networks may be freely mixed within the same system, and on the same order
  • Regional copy and split copy (including split fills) can be assigned by stations, markets, time zones, states, or formats
  • Blackouts can be designated, with or without replacement spots
  • Airtime and Non-Traditional Revenue (NTR) can be included on the same proposal, contract, insertion order, and invoice
  • Unlimited phone support from a Customer Support Staff located in all time zones with in-depth knowledge of the industry and broadcast practices
  • Numerous system benefits and product capabilites in addition to the ability to customize products to fit your individual business needs