Software for Broadcast Networks

Key Benefits

  • Budgeting system, with tools to create
    and modify
  • Projections system, where salespeople estimate upcoming sales
  • Pricing system, with tools to modify ratings based on budgets and available inventory, or modify budgets based on ratings
  • Easily modify proposals to meet target GRPs, CPPs, and CPMs, which are automatically calculated
  • Pacing reports comparing two years of budgets, projections, proposals and orders
  • Proposals automatically become orders once approved (no re-keying)
  • Your proposals are presented to your clients in a form that has become recognized as the industry standard

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The Proposal System enables salespeople to create proposals based on individual client specifications while utilizing real time inventory availability, various methods of spot pricing, and both quantitative and qualitative research. Proposals can be sent electronically to agencies, emailed as PDF files, or delivered as a paper printout.

broadcast software management tool

As the marketplace demands that you customize your network offerings, flexible packaging models and options are readily available to meet the needs of a variety of sales environments and conditions. Once completed, a proposal can be put on hold awaiting approval or automatically converted to an order. With each pending proposal and order, Counterpoint automatically updates all inventory, revenue, sales, and management reporting with no duplication of entry.  With accurate inventory and revenue projections, budget comparisons, and prices to make plan reporting, Sales Management is always equipped to maximize revenue by analyzing (and more successfully negotiating) that next piece of business.

How You Use It

  • Input your basic data such as advertisers, agencies, program inventory, rate cards and other pricing conditions, then import your research
  • Easily create, revise, and modify proposals during the negotiation process
  • See the impact of the proposed sale using a variety of "what if" reporting tools
  • Automatically turn proposals into orders when a deal has been reached, eliminating duplicate data entry and potential errors
    Counterpoint does the rest!

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