Radio Software Products
broadcast proposal software   Proposal
Allows the ad sales team to create proposals using goal-seeking methodology, based on audience research and real-time avails.
network traffic software   Traffic
Optimizes spot inventory, rotates live & recorded copy, manages billing, collections, and distributions, generates sales & management reports.
broadcast radio affiliates   Affiliate Tracking
Provides split copy, manages pledges between products and affiliates, oversees affiliate compliance, and aids in affiliate prospecting.
broadcast radio affiliates   Electronic Affidavits
Sends electronic logs to affiliates, interfaces to station traffic systems, receives electronic affidavits from affiliates for spot clearance reports.

Software for Media Networks

Counterpoint has raised the level of broadcast software to a new standard by combining industry knowledge, experience and expertise of broadcast systems with today's powerful software and hardware capabilities. Counterpoint has been automating the network radio business since 1994 and is on the forefront as new platforms for multimedia and digital content revolutionize the broadcasting business.

Seamless, Scalable, Customizable

Counterpoint continues to innovate and adapt its products to meet the ever-changing needs of all aspects of the broadcast industry. We create and customize complete traffic systems for terrestrial and satellite radio networks, radio stations, and station groups. Formats include professional and college sports, Music, Information, News, Talk, and Agricultural Radio networks.

Clients & Partnerships

Over 50 leading networks choose Counterpoint: National, State, Agricultural, Sports, News, and Religious networks have placed their trust in Counterpoint Software to deliver exceptional solutions for their diverse needs.
We understand that no two networks are alike and staying competitive in the dynamic media industry depends on tailored solutions. Counterpoint offers custom development and integrations with industry-leading third-party systems including Local Traffic, Automation, Satellite, Audio Delivery, CRM, Accounting, and Digital Systems to provide your network seamless data-exchange and workflow efficiencies.